Great News!!!!! Pool Opens Memorial Day Weekend!!!!

With Covid not over yet, but on the decline with many people vaccinated, the Pool can open with a few Rules that MUST be adhered to or the City Inspector can do surprise inspections and close HP pool down for the entire season.  These items MUST be followed:

-Everyone entering pool must sign Covid waiver of liability form ( owners, guests with owner and adults for their children)

-Everyone must sign Pool screening form

-All Unvaccinated persons MUST social Distance from others and stay within their own family Pod

-Red tape has been marked on pool deck for Social distance guidelines for unvaccinated people. Please follow these distances marked.

-Bring your own chairs as no chairs will be provided due to cross contamination and need for cleaning after use

-All hard surfaces of Pool cabana countertops and bathrooms will be cleaned daily by Parker Pools as we’ve signed an additional contract for Covid cleaning

-2 hand sanitizing stations have been provided so please use them regularly and/ or wash hands often

-New pool sign is posted so please abide by Pool Rules or Pool privileges can be revoked for the season

-Guests must be accompanied by a Resident to use HP pool

Enjoy the Pool and have a good time!

Covid Rules can change when the Governor changes or makes updates at any time, so we will make changes accordingly. All the information has come directly from our Condo attorney, and must be followed.

Here are the Assumption of the Risk form for Harbour Point as well as screening forms and  the CDC Flyers. Feel free to print them and bring them filled out and signed for pool entry ( one time as we will keep the forms) or we will have the forms at main pool entry gate and everyone must have forms signed and completed for entry as a log will be kept and checked daily.

Waiver of Liability Form: COVID WAIVER OF LIABILITY 2021

Pool Screening Form: Pool Screening Form

CDC Swim Flyer: lets swim Flyer

CDC Stop The Spread of Germs Flyer: stop-the-spread-of-germs flyer 2021

You can get an Official Immunization Record from the Virginia Department of Health to prove that you are vaccinated for COVID at this link:  This should work when your vaccination card does not or for international travel.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Harbour Point Board of Directors