Parking and Towing 🆕

At the Board Meeting on Saturday, September 25th, a decision was made to allow parking in the boat trailer spots, first come, from after Labor Day until Memorial Day.  This does not exclude boat trailers which will still need to be registered with The Select Group and the rules followed.

Parking Reminders:

Harbour Point residents can have guests park in their personal numbered spots at any time without a sticker or hang tag.

Owners and guests may park in the visitor, unnumbered spots, however they do need to have a sticker or a hang tag on/in the vehicle and visible.

Owners can only call Aristocrat Towing if someone is  parked in their personal numbered parking spot without permission.  Please do not call Aristocrat for other reasons.  Instead, if you have a concern about a vehicle improperly parked, please contact Tanya or Crystal at The Select Group or notify a Board member for assistance.

Thank you and Happy Fall!