Manager’s Corner

Tanya Gasser is our Manager. Contact Tanya if you cannot find the documents or information below at or at (757) 486-6000 and please allow one business day for her to respond to your needs. One business day is the allowable time for a response from The Select Group, Inc. Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

Access and Download Harbour Point Documents

Please contact Tanya for the access password.

Important General Information

  • Water leaks are our biggest issue living above others. So if you have a water leak, immediately turn off the water at the City Water meter of all units you suspect are leaking. City Water meter for your unit is located out on street and numbered with the unit numbers. Water shut off key is located on first floor of each building under staircase. Then follow Water Leak Emergency procedures (see below).
  • Any replacement of windows and doors, replacement of flooring and changes to walls must have PRIOR approval by the Select Group management company and the Board of Directors by submitting an Architectural review form. Forms located in Modifications and Guidelines under Documents section of Managers corner/Management
  • Maintenace Personnel on site: Walter Tabb performs maintenance on our condominium common elements, not for your personal property in your condo, Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. Trash pickup at bottom of first floor stairwells on Thursdays only from 6am to 10am (unless otherwise noted on the stairwell flyer placards)
  • Please pay attention and read the notices posted in the stairwells. They contain useful, timely information for your comfort and safety, as well as changes to normal operating procedures.
  • Our postal carrier would like to ask everyone to empty their mail box regularly, since if the box is full, no more mail can be placed in it and after 10 days the mail is returned to sender.
  • Owners: It is your responsibility to contact The Select Group, Inc., our manager Tanya Gasser, when renting your unit, with copy of lease prior to move in date.
  • Incoming boats: Owners responsibility to contact Tanya at The Select Group, Inc. prior to boat arriving at docks with insurance, boat registration, etc. Only people who live at Harbour Point can dock boats in slips.
  • Please do not leave trash outside buildings or any food on balconies. We have many racoons and a fox in the area. These animals have avoided being trapped by our Pest Control Company!
  • Please make sure you have a Harbour Point vehicle decal (color is red effective Sep 1, 2016) or guest pass (red, hanging tag) since Aristocrat Towing (Phone# 757-459-8010) will be checking regularly; vehicles without proper decal/pass will be towed 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
  • All bikes kept in Harbour Point bike racks must have a HP decal and must be in working condition and no flat tires
  • Speed limit inside gates at Harbour Point is 10 MPH. We now have many children living here and guests with children and speeding is becoming a problem. SLOW DOWN! 10 MPH is very slow!!!!
  • Trash dumpster has 2 openings to use to now. If one side is full, please walk to other side to empty your trash. Be considerate and do not leave trash on ground around dumpster or behind dumpster.
    Cigarette butts are trash, littering and a fire hazard! Do not throw in bushes around pine straw or anywhere on the property at Harbour Point. Please use an ash tray for your butts. A clean up fee will be charged for this offense! Harbour Point is not your garbage can!!!!!!!!!!
  • Main gate access- contact Tanya to have your phone added to gate to allow access for guests. This enables you to remotely open the gate from your phone for repairmen, deliveries, etc.
  • Please do not attempt to open gates by hand, especially during cold, wintry weather. This can result in damage for which you may be held responsible.

Boat Registration Documents

    • Our Master Insurance Policy agent for Harbour Point has recommended that all owners with vessels in slips provide all documentation below:

1. Copy of your Marine Insurance Policy on vessel with a minimum liability insurance of $300,000.
2. List Harbour Point Condo Association as ” Additional insured” on your policy, (insert The Select Group address 2224 Va. Beach Blvd. Suite 201 Va Beach, Va 23454)
3. Copy of the actual Title for your vessel.

These documents can be emailed to the Select Group to keep on file. Your insurance policy will need to be sent yearly to us, since insurance policies are only valid for one year.
Email to:

Pet Information

    In April 2018, the majority at Harbour Point voted to amend our Declaration and By-Laws and make our community “No Pets”; however, Support Animals (Service, Therapy and Emotional support) and inside only pets, with proper documentation submitted to the management company are allowed. Details can be found in the Pet Information document found in the Miscellaneous Documents section.

Water Leak Emergencies

In the event of a water leak:

    Turn off water to any units above or beside you and yours if you think the leak is coming from above or beside so less water damage occurs.
  2. Contact The Select Group, Inc. at 757-486-6000 after hours or on weekends to notify them of leak. (During the week 9am – 5pm you may contact Tanya Gasser, 757-486-6000.)
  3. DO NOT WAIT FOR A RESPONSE! Contact one of the recommended plumbers:
    Quality Plumbing: 757-366-0059
    Premier Plumbing: 757-436-7901
  4. Contact Your Insurance Carrier who is best suited to seek subrogation and claims on the Owner’s behalf. The Association of Harbour Point has a duty to repair the common elements while the Homeowners’ duty is to repair their own Unit and liability is determined by the Insurance Carrier
  5. If you need assistance shutting your water off at the street, Walter Tabb, our on-site maintenance lead is available during weekdays to help with water shutoff.

Annual Maintenance Schedule

  • April 1st: Door hardware, dock boxes: hardware cleaned, or all fixed prior to inspection (2 X per year)
    Bikes/Kayaks: Ensure you have HP stickers on them, bikes in good repair ( 2 X per year)
    (Reminder that January 1st Kayak storage fee is due by January 1st each year)
  • May 1st: Front doors and shed doors: paint, clean or replace prior to inspection
  • July 1st: Soffit Inspection, clean or repair prior to inspection
  • August 1st: Bike/kayaks: ensure you have stickers on them, bikes in good repair (2 X per year)
  • October 1st: Door hardware, dock boxes: hardware cleaned, or all fixed prior to inspection (2 X per year)
    Annual Fireplace: Inspection due prior to Use of your Fireplace